Christmas Pudding



Is there anything more Australian than sitting down in shorts and thongs to a full roast lunch spread on a scorching summer Christmas day, finished off by a deliciously warm heavy plum pud, melting ice cream, brandy custard and …… watch out for those coins!

This is certainly the norm in our Fossey family.

Bringing a traditional plum pudding recipe from our roots in the UK, Super Nan, Grandma, Mother and Daughter continue to make our family Christmas pudding each year as nothing else signals the beginning of the festive season like seeing that year’s puds hanging on broomsticks in the pantry.

Growing dried fruit locally was a Fossey family business for decades, and paying homage to the days of drying fruit on the racks, we use only Mildura grown and dried fruit for our sensational plum pudding simply because, it’s the best.

As Australia moves away from our ancestors Christmas traditions to create our own Christmas culture more suited to our lifestyle and climate, we at Fossey’s have also tweaked our tradition slightly. Still lovingly making our pudding this year, we have Gintroduced Super Nans plum pudding recipe to our Fossey’s Gin Elixir, and as with spirit of Christmas, we in turn Ginfused our christmas pudding into a very very special Christmas Pudding Gin

A refreshing summer drink crafted to perfection and flawlessly flavoured with our Fossey’s Family Plum Pudding to give that precise amount of festivity to complete any Christmas Day meal, or any meal for that matter.

Serving Suggestion:

Best served over ice with a cinnamon stick stirrer and a candied cherry.

Best drank immediately while your feet are up and belts unbuckled after chrissy lunch (before falling into a pudding coma).