Desert Lime



Refreshes the soul. Guaranteed.

A citrus that is a true native to Australia, the tree of Desert Limes occur naturally across our challenging outback to produce a small fruit with exceptional flavor.

Thriving in an otherwise uninhabitable environment, this fruit perfectly encompasses what our Fosseylosphy is all about making it the ideal accompaniment for our Fossey’s Gin, which, coincidently, also thrives in challenging and sometimes uninhabitable environments.

Desert Lime trees exhibit many desert adaption characteristics and we at Fossey’s have also seen exceptional adaption qualities when ginfused with our exceptional elixir to create the perfect combination of summer and nostalgia. The intense and piquant flavor is only enhanced by our hand crafted gin and given that the Desert Lime has been analyzed as a very healthy food with three times the vitamin c compared to oranges, we’d like to think that a tasty tipple a day could keep those nasty blues at bay!

It has been said that it difficult simultaneously eat a desert lime and smile, however, you will not have that trouble when drinking our Desert Lime Gin!

Serving Suggestion:

Goes well with grapes, a refreshing summer salad, sunshine and a shady tree.