Adds a bit of spice to your day. Guaranteed!

Fossey’s Gin. We say it’s hand crafted but really, it comes from the heart. And our hearts are full when creating our inimitable flavour profile and lovingly, carefully, selecting second to none produce.

Bringing an aromatic and subtle peppery taste, the Pepperberry leaf plays it’s part beautifully in each and every crafted bottle of Fossey’s Original Gin Elixir.

But here at Fossey’s, we like to add a little spice to life. To completely utilize an exquisite Australian native, we found that the berry of the Pepperberry plant give us just that.

A more distinct and forceful flavor than the leaf, the pepperberry has a fruity pepper flavor and stands alone in our Fossey’s range not only in taste but by naturally colouring this blend a soft pink.

Preferring a cooler climate, our Pepperberry’s are grown in the upper Murray region but absolutely flourish in our hot dry climate when Ginfused with Fossey’s Original Gin Elixir.

Serving Suggestion:

Goes well with a slice of ginger, a kafir lime leaf, fish and chips and sand between your toes