Our Gin making Process


At Fossey’s, we take exceptional care about where our botanicals come from.
We have scoured the world to bring amazing ingredients to create a traditional gin blend but we are proudly adopting the ever evolving Australian gin culture by replacing traditional gin ingredients with some of our sensational Australian products such as Australian Lemon Myrtle, pepperberry, lavender and cassia just to name a few.
For our Fossey’s blend we send our Ginventer out “fosseycking” for the perfect botanicals to be ginfused in our elixir, hand picked, local, exceptional quality and possibly “fosseycked” from unsuspecting contributors, not only to produce ginspired blends, but also for our ginporeum cocktail frills.
Sourcing local produce from sustainable growers, totally chemical free no exceptions, we are truly honoured to bring ginteresting and unique variations to our simplistic yet extraordinary gingredients.

Meet Stanley

Greetings, please allow us to introduce Stanly the Still.

Stanly resides in a small room with carefully selected interiors to suit his complexion, limited and yet strangely adequate space, with just the right amount of afternoon sun to bask in all his glory.
Although confident and proud, Stanly does experience a mild and while hardly detectable, a somewhat prominent identity crises. Part reflux still, part pot still, is he Gineration Y, is he Gineration X?

Lets not be elusive here, Stanly’s had some work done. While he may look simply divine, some of Stanly’s appendages are for looks only and whilst not particularly practical but flaunted conversation pieces, they would never be picked as unnatural.

Stanly is in impeccable health internally, we can steep our botanicals in his belly overnight for a full rich flavour as well as in his gin basket, which gives him a bit of a tickle, allowing the master ginventor and his protégé flexibility with their flavour profile.

It does seem that our Stanly is a multi-tasker, but the indolent creature only works on Thursdays!

Handcrafted by a gin soaked plumber, Stanly was created in the hills outside Bacchus Marsh where the Fossey family skeleton is a well known secret and is the home of the blacksmith shop where Ned Kelly’s armour was made.

Stanly enjoys social events and a good photo with new friends.

He understands if you’re shy and appreciates you enjoying a quiet tasty tipple produced from his loins, but also loves to join in on a party.

Stanly is looking forward to meeting everyone at Fossey’s Ginporeum on Thursdays. Say hello, have a photo, and some Stanly made Fossey’s Gin.

Blending and Bottling

At Fossey’s we take the term “hand made” seriously. Our products, where possible are all carefully chosen and hand foraged or picked only to be personally crafted by hand to make our fabulous gin.
Our gin is then bottled and labeled by hand in our boutique distillery and placed into our bags with their own authentic touch by being stamped by hand.

We are so proud of how we create our beautiful product that crafting, bottling and labeling can be experienced first hand on Thursday afternoons at Fossey’s Ginporeum.